Our brand

HouseOfBloom Fashion is the culmination of a great passion for fashion and a flair for design
which found a home in empowering women and inspiring individuality. Founded and established
by Nia Brown in the U.S., the lifestyle brand is the epitome of luxury, chicness, femininity, and
diversity. Where everyone is allowed to fully bloom and thrive while looking their best at all


Launched online in September 2020, our mission and motivation is to create and provide the
most feminine yet elegant and highly sexy pieces to grace every woman’s curves. With a
timelessness that is as influenced by the contemporary as it is by the vintage, seasons as much as 
life’s events, we are truly driven to create beautiful moments through versatile clothing and ideal


At HouseOfBloom Fashion, we aim to provide an unparalleled shopping experience from an
impeccable customer service to choice luxe pieces designed and handpicked in-house. This
allows us to ensure you get exceptional garments of uncompromised quality,

made using exquisite fabrics.


Our vision is to be a global leader in luxury fashion by empowering innovation and design to
provide total customer satisfaction. As it takes shape daily through a fluid exploration of
imaginative designs, embrace your style and be your authentic self, always.